Evam processes real-time data in order to design and orchestrate customer journeys visually with advanced analytical models, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Evam empowers telecommunication, financial services, transportation and travel, retail, industrial companies to maximize their business’ value.

Bentego’s Expertise with Evam

Bentego is a System Integrator and Training partner of Evam.
Our partnership with Evam enables Bentego to better automate critical business processes, integrate your diverse applications and data, and enable disruptive technologies to support our clients to gain crucial competitive advantage.

Bentego enables digital transformation by delivering end-to-end solutions with Evam. Evam allows you to interact with your customers through any digital touchpoint with Real-Time Omnichannel Marketing.Our services include requirements gathering and analysis, development, testing and deployment within EVAM.

Consultancy and Support Services

Bentego can provide experienced System Architects and Consultants on your journey to start and expand EVAM toolsets within your organization.

Together with Evam Team, we help you analyze customer behavior and take real-time actions to improve the customer experience and provide consultancy with analysis, development, testing and deployment phases with EVAM. We provide scenario building service, training services and Remote & On-Site Resource Services.

Consultancy and Support Services covers Evam Continuous Intelligence Platform, Evam Actions, Evam Intelligence, Evam Enterprise Cache, Evam Rule Of Things products.

How can we help with EVAM?

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